The New LeRaided – Don’t Call it a Comeback


It’s been awhile since I have attempted to create new music and focus on my djing / producing career. Life has gotten the best of me and I have been busy with my family and job. After awhile of being out of the music scene I began to really miss it. I always loved going out and touring as a DJ and it’s time I put my focus back on track. My life feels like it’s in good shape with my new career at Power 106FM. Being around all the creative talent at work really pushed me to hit the studio.

This time around I am going at things differently. I will be djing alone rather then in a DJ duo and LeRaided is now a single member, me (maat). It’s time for my individual talents to shine and I have a lot of great ideas for live performances. Lately, I have been spinning once in a full moon at smaller venues in OC that will soon change. I will be working on djing larger scale events and hopefully hit the road again soon.

It’s time I give this my 100% and I’m excited for you all to hear my new music I will be releasing. I will push out my new original track at some point today! My goal is to also blog frequently and hopefully daily. Be sure to keep coming back to to read all my new blogs.

In the words of LL Cool J

“Don’t call it a comeback
I been here for years”

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